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Check out the personalized options to innovate at your social event, such as weddings, birthdays, debutantes, baby showers or  Maternity memory.  


O  fudge is distinguished by its exquisite flavor, creamy texture and novelty in the Brazilian market.  Surprise your guests with the delicious combinations of our chocolates!

Presente de maternidade São Paulo SP

Caixa de acetato individual com cinta personalizada

Lembrança de aniversário SãoPaulo SP

Caixa de acetato com 3 fudges e cinta personalizada

Presente de padrinho São Paulo SP

Caixa com 6 fudges e limoncello artesanal Lucci Liquori (50ml)

Caixa com 3 fudges
Presente de padrinho São Paulo SP

Caixa rígida com 10 fudges, limoncello artesanal Lucci Liquori (500ml) e carta personalizada

Caixa com 2 fudges

O que os clientes dizem


I picked up my invites yesterday!

Thank you for your dedication and whim!

They are beautiful. My fiance loved it too! <3


They were so delicious, everyone loved them.

Thank you!!!

What are these wonderful fudges???

Heavenly people!!!

I want every day!!! Hahahaha

Matchmaker Girls

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