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6 fudges quadrados num prato branco, com damascos e duas colheres de páprica vermelha ao fundo.




Logotipo The Fudge (em azul) Chocolateria (em branco)



   Fudge, the successful chocolate in English-speaking countries, is softer than the traditional bar and more consistent than the brigadeiro. The Fudge, based in São Paulo, is a chocolatier dedicated to the artisanal production of fudge and its varieties.

   From England we brought the fudge recipe. From Belgium, tradition and the Callebaut brand. And from Brazil we have the creativity and innovative spirit, harmonizing chocolate with first-rate ingredients.

   The Fudge custom packaging is targeted at corporate gifts, social events and direct consumer orders. They value even more the different flavor of fudges, as a delicious souvenir at weddings or company marketing gifts, and in desserts and pairings with drinks in their daily lives.

Fudges de frutas vermelhas numa bandeja branca com guardanapo florido
Red fruit fudge



   Some of humanity's best discoveries came about by accident. In this, gastronomy also has its cases, with several unforeseen events leading to delicious and highly successful effects. This is the case with beer, cookies, petit gateau, ice cream cones...

   In the second half of the 19th century, fudge , a very special chocolate, appeared in the United States. In a class on caramel at Vassar College for girls, 100 kilometers from New York, the temperature of the confectionery was wrong. The mistake resulted in a new texture that, as the recipe improved, would soon gain a predilection in English-speaking countries.

   US  sweets, the final texture is one of the most important aspects, and the fudge recipe has crystallization as the key to its delicious flavor. It is the right temperature that separates hard caramels from the soft microcrystals of fudges, present at the precise cooking point at which this finding took place.

   Although it is not known exactly how fudge started, the fact is that people of all ages and from different social backgrounds are increasingly seduced by this 'culinary accident' – the chocolate we love and know as fudge.

Fudges de Nutella num prato quadrado e branco. Atrás, há gotas de chocolate e avelãs

I went after happiness.

I came back with a box of fudges.

Nutella Fudge with Hazelnuts
Olívia Silveira.jpg

The Fudge & Olivia Silveira


   A card-carrying chocoholic and chronic traveller. Graduated in Theater Direction from USP and passionate about gastronomy.

   He worked with chef de cuisine Erick Jacquin, took courses in chocolatiers and confectionery at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy and  at Senai, with chefs Solange Piagge, Cesar Yukio and Giuliana Cupini.

   Born in São Paulo and of Italian descent, Olivia loves good food, especially dessert. With chocolate.

Fudge de limão com macadâmia numa bandeja branca. Flores amarelas e limão ao fundo.

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O que os clientes dizem

Fernanda Moreno, Blog Coisa de Mãe

FERNANDA MORENO, Mother's Thing Blog

The agency girls loved the treats!
Thank you so much for the professionalism, care and efficiency with which you served me.



Everything turned out great, they are magical! My fiancee loved it and PMS didn't come close lol
A wonderful service that makes sense to feel the love and dedication in each chocolate.

The fudges were delicious.

And the straps were beautiful. Thank you so much!



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