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Delivery Policy, 
Refund and Return

Delivery Policy

We use multiple delivery services. Thus, the time of receipt may vary according to the customer's region. In general, shipping takes between 1 to 3 business days. We recommend that you check your email inbox (including spam) to receive our order updates.
As it is a perishable product, it will return to the distributor if delivery is not completed.

Exchange, Refund and Return Policy

As it is a perishable product, The Fudge Chocolateria products cannot be exchanged or returned, except in case of product quality problems when they leave our distribution center. Therefore, in cases such as melting or damage to the product after receipt, they are not subject to exchange, return and/or refund. To contact us, call (11) 3582-5605 / 99771-4643 or write to .


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